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A Guide to Pricing

What Does It Cost?

Every ceremony is different, and lots of things can affect the price.

Wedding celebration or baby naming? 15 minute mini ceremony or hour-long epic? Simple or extravagant? Need a rehearsal? Lots of meetings? Destination wedding or Glasgow Southside?

Here are some approximate prices-

Ceremony          Typical Price       Range

Initial meeting                 No Charge                   I'll buy

                                                                                the coffee!


Naming Ceremonies        £150                          £100-


Wedding Celebration       £300-£600            £200-


Ceremony Extras charged separately

  • Travel outwith area

  • Rehearsals

  • Extra copies of souvenir ceremony book

  • Any extra items bought just for your ceremony, eg, handfasting cords

What's Included?

  • Your Ceremony Workshop to plan your perfect ceremony

  • As many drafts as needed to make sure you are completely delighted

  • A personally written ceremony, professionally delivered, just for you

  • Attendance at your venue from 40 minutes before the ceremony is due to begin

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