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Wedding Celebrations,

Civil Partnership Celebrations

and Vow Renewals

Your Big Day

Celebrating your wedding or civil partnership? A vow renewal or commitment ceremony?

What you want is really simple.


Best. Ceremony. EVER.

It’s your big day! This is the moment you will say those all-important words, and you want it to be perfect.


You’ve been to wedding ceremonies before which were completely forgettable. You want yours to be filled with precious memories.

That’s exactly what I’ll write for you!

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Ceremony Workshop

At your ceremony workshop we’ll sit down together and plan your perfect ceremony; vows and promises, readings, music, involving loved ones in special ways, telling your story.

Stumped for ideas? Not sure what you want, or if it’ll work? That’s what I’m here for!


Once I’ve learned about the magic in your own unique story, I’ll write you a one-of-a-kind ceremony to share with all those important people in your lives.

Scottish Law

Whether you're living in Scotland or coming from abroad to get married here, I am authorised by the Registrar General for Scotland to conduct legal marriages and can guide you through the legal process.

Don’t be concerned about this.

I’ll explain what’s involved and help you with all the formalities.

Scotland has some of the simplest marriage laws of any country- don't hesitate to ask what's involved

Signing a Contract
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