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Naming Ceremonies, Adoption Ceremonies

and Family Blending Ceremonies

Babies and Young Children

Our children are what brings meaning into our families. They capture everyone’s hearts with their joy, energy - and mischief!


When a child is added to the family it’s a time for thanksgiving and strengthening family ties, and a naming ceremony can help you express this perfectly.

A ceremony to welcome your new baby can take place anywhere you choose, from your own living room or back garden to a hotel or restaurant. Every ceremony is different, and written specially for you and your child.

Mother and Daughter

Building Families

Families nowadays often grow through adoption, step-parenting or surrogacy, and children added to the family in these ways can be welcomed with a family-building ceremony.


Your ceremony will be customised, a unique match to your family’s journey and circumstances, welcoming children from current, previous and adoptive relationships into a new, complete family. It can even recognise the role of foster parents or birth parents if appropriate.

Naming Ceremonies

A naming ceremony for a baby or young child will usually include an introduction of their name, promises made to them by parents and other family members, and any other family traditions which are special to you.


Grandparents, siblings and guide or Godparents can also be given special roles, and of course you can include music, readings and prayers. 

Download more information about family ceremonies here-

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