Aileen Watson

Independent Celebrant

Glasgow, UK

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Aileen Watson

Independent Celebrant

About Aileen

Hello, I’m Aileen and I would love to conduct your ceremony for you!

Celebrancy is close to my heart. When people are able to say the things which matter to them in a ceremony, witnessed by their loved ones, it can cement their relationships and strengthen their families in a profound and lasting way.  

I believe passionately that ceremonies should be first and foremost about my clients, not about the celebrant's rules, beliefs or ways of doing things. For this reason, I practice independently of any group or organisation, and will always do everything I can to help you achieve your own vision for your ceremony.

Faith and Traditions

Faith and traditions can be a precious foundation in some people’s lives, and yet completely irrelevant to others.


I’m an Independent Family Celebrant.


This means I can provide more than just a secular ceremony, and have complete freedom to either include or leave out any of your religious, cultural or family traditions, depending on what’s important to you. Blessings, prayers, music; it’s your ceremony and I can include any of these according to your wishes. This approach can be really important if you want your ceremony to represent people from diverse backgrounds, or even a mixture of faiths and no faith.

My training

I have undergone rigorous training in both celebrancy and creative writing, specialising in ceremonies for families and couples.


When I decided to train as a celebrant,

I wanted it to be to the highest level possible. It was important to me that the training would be the most challenging I could find. That’s why I chose to study for the NOCN Level 3 Diploma in Celebrancy with Civil Ceremonies, an Ofsted Outstanding Provider.

hold both professional and public liability insurance, so you can be confident that your ceremony will be in good hands.