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Something Else to Celebrate?

Your New Home

The removal van has gone, the boxes are (mostly!) unpacked, and it’s time for the house warming party! But what if you’re looking for a more meaningful way of celebrating your big move?


After all the anticipation - and stress - of moving house, a housewarming ceremony can be a wonderful way of settling you into your new home.


You can choose to have a few special guests or a whole houseful, whatever appeals to you. Your house warming ceremony can include crossing the threshold, blessing your new home, tree-planting, burying a time capsule or any number of ways which help you make your first memories in your new home.

Festive Table Decoration

Other Ceremonies

Looking for a commitment ceremony or a re-naming ceremony? Some other big event or celebration? I'm happy to chat about what your hopes are- just get in touch.

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